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Specializes in planning, organizing and implementing events.

We aim to provide personalized services to individual customers, medical societies, and organizations that require the expertise of a company that is familiar with both the logistics of organizing events and the best and most appropriate suppliers in the events industry, with the ability to adjust each event according to its specific budget and purpose, including adapting the computerized registration system to the event’s characteristics.
We belong to the main Brazilian associations in the events industry, like Rio Convention and Visitors Bureau and ABEOC, the Brazilian Association of Events Companies.
The following are some of the services we offer, in keeping with your event’s characteristics and needs:
Executive Secretariat, Administration, and Operational Management.

  • Preparing the event’s Planning and Programming, together with the Organizing Committee;
  • Sizing the event, recommending the most appropriate sites and venues for holding it.
  • Preparing a detailed organizational and management timetable;
  • Preparing a Merchandising Plan for raising sponsorship and selling stands;
  • Preparing and monitoring the event’s Overall Budget, as well as the disbursement schedule, monitoring them throughout the entire planning, pre-event, event, and dismounting process;
  • Advising the client in strategic planning for receiving and processing registrations, defining payment formats, and negotiating with the official bank and credit card companies;
  • Implementing online processing of registrations through a specific website;
  • Organizing computerized registration, with follow-up of the entire registration process (from confirmation of registration until the participant’s arrival) with bank deposits under the responsibility of the event’s Organizing Committee and submission of monthly/weekly registration reports for bank settlement;
  • Organizing computerized registration to monitor the flow of the guest participants and speakers, preparing and updating the VIP list as the confirmations arrive for handling by the receptionists and organizers;
  • Advising the organizers in preparing a technical program grid and sending a letter of invitation, monitoring the need for equipment/hotel accommodations and confirmation of participants’ presence;
  • Handling the processing of abstracts via a website, with the possibility of online evaluation and confirmation.
  • Monitoring production and supervising deadlines for the delivery of support materials, badges, official publications, promotional materials, and signage directly related to the event;
  • Advising the members of the Organizing Committee as to sizing of the event;
  • Hiring support services, soliciting bids and proposals, comparing them and negotiating fees, schedules, and deadlines with companies providing the following:
    • Audiovisual equipment, including sizing of needs.
    • Transportation.
    • Press consultancy.
    • Stand assemblage.
    • Decoration.
    • Filming.
    • Cleaning and Security.
    • Dispatching.
    • Photocopying.
    • Medical Care.
    • Teleconference services.
  • Planning and carrying out social activities;
  • Planning and carrying out the event’s ceremonial and protocol procedures, participating in ceremonial planning meetings for the authorities attending the event;
  • Advising the Protocol organization for the Opening Ceremony and other sessions in the event, in accordance with the official norms of the Brazilian Government and preparing scripts for each occasion;
  • Checking the VIP guest list (verifying names, positions, titles);
  • Mapping out and monitoring the arrival/ flight/ reception/ hotel accommodations/ and program for special speakers and guests;
  • Preparing a detailed script for the inaugural ceremony of the fair, exhibit, (or forum) and other parallel events;
  • Handling advance visits by heads of protocol for guest authorities and advance visits by security teams, accompanied by the Head of Security hired by the organizers;
  • Preparing and updating the special guest list as confirmations arrive, for handling by receptionists and organizers;
  • Recommending a master of ceremonies with proven experience and supervising the list of names, complying with the order of precedence in Public Ceremonial Protocol, in case of speeches.
  • Selecting support personnel among professionals with experience in major events, setting guidelines for conduct by receptionists;
  • Planning the support services in the meeting rooms, preparing a map of the equipment, selection and training of receptionists for these rooms, and definition of the type of instructions to be provided to the panel chairpersons, including the preparation of signs with the speakers’ names;
  • Coordinating the overall functioning of the event, supervising the various suppliers during the assembling, the event itself, and the dismounting;
  • Submitting a final activities report after the conclusion of the event with a comprehensive budget wrap-up;
  • Sending letters of thanks to the companies that have supported and sponsored the event, as well as to the suppliers and participants when appropriate;

Método Eventos works in partnership with the Organizing Committees of the events, and arrangements for payment are thus adapted to each event.

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